Migrating to Exchange

Migrate Exchange 2000 Mailboxes Within One Organization

You can use Migration Wizard to preserve mailboxes on a server running Exchange that must be repaired or replaced. To do this, migrate the server's mailboxes to a set of .pst files.

After you migrate the mailboxes, you can make the following types of modifications to the server running Exchange:

When the server running Exchange is ready, migrate the mailboxes back to the server. Because you are placing the mailboxes in the same organization that you migrated them from, Migration Wizard automatically identifies the appropriate users in Active Directory.

To migrate Exchange 2000 mailboxes within an organization:

  1. Perform initial Exchange 2000 migration tasks.
  2. Use Migration Wizard to export the mailboxes to a set of .pst files.
  3. Modify the server running Exchange as described above.
  4. Use Migration Wizard to import the mailboxes from the .pst files to the new server running Exchange 2000.
  5. Perform final Exchange 2000 migration tasks.

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