Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access

With Outlook Web Access, you can configure Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server so that users can access e-mail, calendar information, shared applications, and any content in the public information store simply and efficiently using a web browser.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What is Outlook Web Access?

Outlook Web Access is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) virtual server that is installed and configured during the installation process of Exchange 2000.  More...

How does Outlook Web Access in Exchange 2000 differ from Exchange version 5.5?

 Outlook Web Access has many new features in Exchange 2000.

Can I disable Outlook Web Access?

Yes. Since Outlook Web Access is installed by default, it is automatically running after Exchange 2000 is installed. If you want to disable Outlook Web Access, you will need to stop the HTTP virtual server

Can I enable and disable access to Outlook Web Access on a per user basis?

Yes. Access to Outlook Web Access is enabled for each user by default. Using the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in, it is possible to enable and disable access to Outlook Web Access on a per user basis. 

Can I use Outlook Web Access from the Internet?

Yes. In order to access Outlook Web Access from the Internet, your Exchange server must have an Internet connection and a public IP address. It is also possible to access Outlook Web Access from the Internet using a domain name. If your Exchange server has an Internet connection with a registered domain name, clients will be able to connect from the Internet. Registered domain names are controlled by the InterNIC. For more information on the InterNIC and Internet connections refer to the Windows 2000 online documentation. 

If I deploy Outlook Web Access and allow access from the Internet, can I protect it with a firewall?

Yes. It is possible to  use firewalls with Outlook Web Access.

What is WebDAV?

WebDAV is a set of rules designed to enable computers to exchange information.  More...