Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access Supported Browsers

Outlook Web Access supports any browser that is fully compliant with the HTML 3.2 and European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) script standards. However, because earlier browsers are not fully compliant with these standards, Microsoft recommends using Internet Explorer 4.0 or later or Netscape Navigator 4.0 or later. These browsers have been tested with Outlook Web Access. For the best Outlook Web Access user experience, Microsoft recommends using Internet Explorer 5.0, which supports DHTML.

Internet Explorer 5.0

Outlook Web Access has been redesigned to provide improved performance and an improved user interface. Internet Explorer 5.0 offers a folder hierarchy for displaying both public and private folders. This hierarchy is easy to navigate and can be expanded or collapsed. Drag-and-drop functionality, HTML composition, and new right-click menu options provide an environment similar to the full-featured Outlook client.

For many Outlook Web Access commands, Internet Explorer 5.0 can perform the function instead of sending a request to the server. Internet Explorer 5.0 assumes some of the processing load locally at the client, so traffic between the client and server is minimized.

Important   Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 may run slower on older computers, or computers with limited hardware resources. Computers that lack the necessary processing power for Internet Explorer 5.0 should consider using Internet Explorer 4.0.

Other Browsers

Although other supported browsers don't offer the complete functionality that Internet Explorer 5.0 does, the user interface is more similar to Outlook than earlier versions of Outlook Web Access. Other browsers now operate in a two-frame mode, with a navigation panel on the left that never changes. Only the right pane renders pages, which reduces network traffic. Both public and private folders are displayed in these browsers. Private folder contents can be moved or copied between other private folders.

Note   Outlook Web Access is also designed to work with any European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) script compatible browser.

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