Outlook Web Access

Segment Outlook Web Access

When you segment Outlook Web Access, you enable or disable particular components for users in your organization. For example, if users in your organization do not need to access their calendars by using the Internet, you can turn off Calendaring in Outlook Web Access while leaving e-mail functionality intact.

You can segment Outlook Web Access on a per-server basis (in which case all mailboxes on a server are affected the same way) by adding a registry key. For more information about segmenting Outlook Web Access on a per-server basis, see Segment Outlook Web Access by Server.

You can also segment Outlook Web Access on a per-user basis. This section describes the necessary steps for segmenting one or more individual mailboxes in your organization.

Important   In situations where both a server running Exchange and an individual mailbox are configured for Outlook Web Access segmenting, the individual mailbox settings always take precedent over the server settings.

Make sure that the administrative account performing the schema update is a member of the Windows 2000 security group Schema Admins.

To segment Outlook Web Access on a per-user basis, you must add a new user attribute, msExchMailboxFolderset, to Active Directory. This attribute can be added manually or by using the schema import script in Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 2 (SP2).

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