Outlook Web Access

Extend Active Directory Schema Manually

To update your Active Directory schema, follow this procedure. After the schema has been updated, you set a value on the new attribute for every applicable user object.

Important   Make sure that the person updating the schema in your organization is a member of the Schema Admins group.

To update Active Directory schema manually

  1. Identify the domain controller holding the operations master role of schema master.
  2. On the schema master server, set the following registry key to 1:

    HKEY_Local_Machine\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NTDS\Parameters\Schema Update Allowed
  3. Import the OWA-Schema.ldf file.
  4. Use the Windows 2000 ADSI Edit tool to set the appropriate value on the user's MsExchMailboxFolderSet attribute. Click the figure below to see the bitmask that determines this value. For example, according to the table in the figure, the decimal value for contacts is 4, the decimal value for calendaring is 2, and the decimal value for messaging is 1. To enable Contacts, Calendar, and Inbox for an Outlook Web Access user, set the attribute value to 7. Enlarge figure

    Note   For information about how to use ADSI Edit to modify an attribute of an Active Directory user object, see Windows 2000 Server documentation.