Managing Public Folders

Inter-Organizational Replication

You can share public folder and free and busy information between two or more organizations using InterOrg Replication Utility. For example, if you are working on a project that is a joint venture with another company, you can share free and busy calendar information and public folders with that company. You can replicate all or a portion of the public folders and set parameters to control information the other company is permitted to access.

You can replicate information between two or more organizations running Exchange 2000 or Exchange 5.5. InterOrg Replication Utility runs on a Windows 2000 computer that is situated logically between your organization, called the publisher, and another organization, called a subscriber. The replication service logs on as both the publisher and the subscriber using a Windows 2000 logon and an Exchange Server mailbox. The publisher and the subscriber can be in the same or different Windows 2000 security domains.

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