Managing Public Folders

Prepare the Publisher Server

The publisher is the organization that originally creates the folders and makes them available to one or more subscribers. The publisher controls the direction in which data is moved.

To prepare a server to publish information:

  1. Create a Windows 2000 account on the publishing server for Replication Agent.
  2. Mailbox-enable the account to create a mailbox.
  3. Add the Replication Agent account as Owner for every folder you want to replicate permissions to.

  4. Important   If you do not grant the Replication Agent mailbox Owner permission on the publisher server, Default and Anonymous permissions assigned to the public folders are not replicated.

  5. Under Public Folders, create a public folder named ExchsyncSecurityFolder.
  6. Grant the Replication Agent account Folder Visible permission to ExchsyncSecurityFolder. Do not specify any Default or Anonymous permissions on this folder.

Tip   See the Windows 2000 documentation for more details on how to create, mailbox-enable, and set permissions for a user account.