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Enumerating Messages

Exchange can list a certain number of messages in a queue so you can view message details. This can be done by using the Enumerate 100 Messages command, or by using the Custom Filter command to choose the appropriate set of messages you want to enumerate.

Note   Since enumerating messages takes up system resources, messages are not enumerated by default. You must access a queue and manually enumerate it. When you do this, remember that it may affect your Exchange server performance.

The default Enumerate 100 Messages command expands the 100 most recent messages within a queue. These 100 messages will be displayed in the details pane.

To enumerate an alternate number of messages within a link, use Custom Filter. For example, you can choose to enumerate the 10 largest messages only. In this case, only those 10 messages would be displayed in the details pane.

Tips   To sort messages by any of the message properties, click the column heading.

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