Queue Viewer

Queue Summary Display

Queues appears under every SMTP virtual server and X.400 object in your organization, as well as under every installed Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise, Lotus cc:Mail, and LotusNotes connector. When you click on Queues you will see all system queues and link queues currently on that SMTP virtual server, X.400 object, or connector.

The following chart describes the information displayed in the details pane when you click Queues. Depending on your messaging deployment and other variables, each of these fields can be useful for troubleshooting message flow problems. You should consult this information whenever queue management is necessary.

Queue Information Troubleshooting Role
Connection State This information is usually the first indication that a queue is not fuctioning properly. See Managing Connections for a complete discussion of connection states.
Time of Submission of Oldest Msg Displays the time the oldest message in the queue was sent by the client.
Total # of Msgs A large number of messages can indicate that there is a connection problem.
Total Msg Size (KB) This is the total size of all messages in the queue. Be aware that large messages can clog your system.
Time of Next Connection Retry When the state of a queue is Retry, this indicates when another connection attempt will be made. You can use Force Connection to attempt a connection immediately.