Queue Viewer

System Queues

System queues are default queues. The specific system queues you see will vary depending on the protocol of a particular queue. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), X.400, and MAPI queues can be managed in Exchange 2000.

Note   MAPI is the protocol used by all connector queues.

If you see messages inside your system queues, it can indicate a problem with your messaging system. System queues hold messages only while certain essential routing tasks are performed, such as content conversion and address resolution. If you find messages in your system queues for extended periods, it means one or more basic routing functions is failing somewhere in your Exchange organization. The specific functionality of system queues can help you determine where problems are occuring.

The following chart indicates the system queues for each protocol. Click a protocol to see more information about its system queues.

Queue Provider System Queue Names
  • [Local domain name] (Local Delivery)

  • Messages awaiting directory lookup

  • Messages waiting to be routed

  • Final destination currently unreachable

  • Pre-submission

  • PendingRerouteQ

  • MTS-IN





Note   Depending on the connector type, not all of the MAPI system queues may be supported.