Queue Viewer

Queue Viewer

Queue Viewer is a utility in Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 that allows you to maintain and administer your organization's messaging queues, as well as the messages contained within those queues. Queue Viewer is available on all SMTP virtual servers, X.400 objects, and all installed Microsoft Exchange Connectors for Novell GroupWise, Lotus Notes, and Lotus cc:Mail.

Queue Viewer is accessed through Queues in System Manager. Expanding Queues reveals one or more system queues, which are default queues specific to the protocol transporting the messages (SMTP, X.400, or MAPI). The system queues are always visible.

Also visible in Queues are the link queues, visible only if the SMTP virtual server, X.400 object, or connector is currently holding or sending messages to another server. Link queues contain outbound messages heading for the same next-destination server.

For general background information on Queue Viewer, see Concepts.

For information on using Queue Viewer to perform a specific task, see How To.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see any messages in my queues?

It's possible there aren't currently any messages in the queue. For example, even though system queues are always visible, in most cases they contain messages only when there is a problem in your messaging system. Also, remember you must first enumerate messages in order to see them. By default, messages are not enumerated.

When I right-click a queue to bring up the context menu, why are the options unavailable, or "grayed out"?

Be sure to first click the queue to highlight it, and then you can right-click it for the menu. This is a design characteristic of Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

On some of my queues certain menu options are not available, but on others all menu options are available. Why?

Queue Viewer supports three protocols: SMTP, X.400, and MAPI. The functionality of Queue Viewer can depend on the type of queue you are looking at.

How can I quickly find a message that is blocking deliveries from my SMTP virtual server?

Create a custom filter to find messages with a "number of delivery failures" greater than zero. You can also create a filter to find the oldest messages in the queue.  More...