Queue Viewer

Freeze and Unfreeze Messages in a Queue

In the details pane, you can freeze or unfreeze one or more messages in a queue without affecting the rest of the messages. For example, if it appears that a 5-MB message is holding up the transfer of a large number of messages, temporarily freeze the 5-MB message to allow other messages to transfer out. When the queue is emptier, unfreeze the 5-MB message.

To freeze or unfreeze individual messages in a queue:

  1. Enumerate or re-enumerate the messages in the desired queue.
  2. Right-click a message, and then click one of the following:
Option Description
Freeze Messages Messages will be trapped inside the queue. No delivery will take place until the messages are unfrozen.

For example, if one or more large messages have temporarily blocked the queue, you can freeze the large messages to allow Exchange to transfer the other messages. Then with more resources available, Exchange will be able to send the larger messages.
Unfreeze Messages Remove the temporary "hold" on the transfer of messages.

Tip   Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on a message to select multiple consecutive messages. Hold down the CTRL key while clicking on messages to select multiple non-consecutive messages.