Queue Viewer

View Messages in a Queue

When you click a queue in Queues, you will see a list of the queue's messages in the details pane. However, since by default messages are not enumerated in Exchange, the first time you click a queue you will instead see the message Enumerate messages from the queue node.

To examine messages in a queue:

  1. Start System Manager
    On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Exchange, and then click System Manager.
  2. Navigate to Queues.

    For SMTP queues

    1. Servers
    2. Server
    3. Protocols
    4. SMTP
    5. SMTP virtual servers
    6. SMTP virtual server
    7. Queues

    For X.400 queues

    1. Servers
    2. Server
    3. Protocols
    4. X.400
    5. Queues

    For MAPI (connector) queues

    1. Connectors
    2. connector
    3. Queues
  3. Expand Queues, and then select the queue and enumerate the messages in it. The details pane displays some or all of the messages in the queue, depending on how it is enumerated.

    Note   If there are no messages in the queue, the details pane will display There are no matching messages queued.

  4. Sort messages by clicking the column headers.

Tip   Double-click a message in the details pane to open a Properties dialog box for that message. The dialog box displays the information in a different format. In addition, it displays the Message ID, used by Exchange administrators for message tracking.

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