Configuring Security

Set KMS Administrators

Upon startup, the only Windows 2000 account allowed to administrate KMS belongs to the person who installed KMS.

Tip   For additional security, you can configure KMS to require multiple passwords to perform certain tasks. Adding and removing KMS administrators should be one of the most secure management operations in KMS. Therefore, it should require a larger number of administrator passwords than other tasks.

Warning   Never remove a Windows 2000 account from your system without first making sure it is removed from the list of KMS administrators.

To add or delete KMS administrators:

  1. Start System Manager
    On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Exchange, and then click System Manager.
  2. In the Console tree, click Advanced Security.
  3. In the details pane, right-click Key Manager, and then click Properties.
  4. In the Key Management Service Login dialog box, type your administrator password, and then click OK. The default password is password.

    Note   You will have to re-type your password each time you try to perform a task or click a tab in the Key Manager Properties dialog box.

  5. In Key Management Properties, click the Administrators tab, and then click Add.
  6. In Select User, click one or more users who will have administrative privileges in KMS.
  7. In Set Administrator Password, type a KMS administrator password for the user you selected, type the password again for confirmation, and then click OK.
  8. To remove an administrator, highlight their name on the Administrators tab, and then click Remove.

Note   If you add someone to the list of KMS administrators, they will not be able to access the Advanced Security object in System Manager until you run Exchange Administration Delegation Wizard and grant that user Exchange administrator rights. At a minimum, an administrator will need these rights for the administrative group in which the Key Management server is located.

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