Configuring Security

Virus Protection

Viruses can enter a computer system through the Internet, newsgroups, or e-mail. Once in the computer system, they can spread when mail, files, or documents are shared. There are two ways to protect against viruses. One is to have virus-scanning software installed on the computers in your organization, which can detect and remove viruses. However, you must continue to update your virus-scanning software to protect your computers as viruses evolve. The second way to protect against viruses is to prevent the virus from entering your system by using firewall software that includes virus detection. You must continue to update your firewall software to keep up with changing viruses.

Even if you have virus-detection software in your firewall or on your users' computers, viruses can still enter your system. Messages that are encrypted cannot be scanned for viruses. A virus contained in an encrypted e-mail message escapes detection and can be activated when the message is opened by someone within your organization. For maximum protection, ask your users to minimize their exposure to viruses with the following practices:

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