Supporting Messaging Clients

Mailroot Directory and Default Directories

The following default subdirectories are installed in the Mailroot directory so that Exchange can process messages. The default location of the Mailroot directory is root:\Exchsrvr\Mailroot. Each SMTP virtual server has its own folder within the Mailroot directory, and each folder contains the default subdirectories described in the table below. Vsi 1 is the folder for the default SMTP virtual server. When you create additional virtual servers, folders for vsi 2, vsi 3, and so on will be automatically created in the Mailroot directory.

Folder Description
Badmail Stores undeliverable messages that cannot be returned to the sender.
Pickup Processes outgoing messages that are created as text files and copied to the directory. As soon as a properly formatted RFC 822 message is copied to the Pickup directory, Exchange collects it and initiates delivery.
Queue Holds messages for delivery. If a message cannot be delivered because the connection is busy or down, the message is stored in the queue and sent again at designated intervals.

Note   The Queue Viewer utility provides a more detailed look at outgoing messages that are queued for delivery on your virtual server.

You cannot change the location of the Badmail, Pickup, or Queue directories through System Manager. It can only be done by configuring the metabase directly. If you do change the location of these directories, be sure to choose a location with sufficent permissions and availability. Otherwise, mail delivery will be disrupted.