Supporting Messaging Clients

Overview of Monitoring Tools

Several tools are available through Exchange and the Windows 2000 operating system for tracking events and monitoring performance of SMTP in Exchange. You can use these tools to troubleshoot and determine if virtual server or connector configurations are warranted.

Windows 2000 Server Event Viewer

This tool verifies that SMTP is performing correctly by tracking informational, warning, and error events, all of which require administrator attention. Available log types are: System, Security, Application, Directory Service, and File Replication Service. The Windows 2000 documentation has more information on using Event Viewer.

Windows 2000 Performance Tool

This administrative tool monitors SMTP Service and indicates whether it is performing as expected. You can log actual workload statistics for any system components you want to review. Then you can analyze the data to determine if configuration adjustments are required to ensure that messages are processed efficiently. To do this, you must enable monitoring and designate what to track.

Protocol Log

This tool tracks individual incoming and outgoing SMTP transactions. In order to use this tool, you must first enable logging, and then determine the frequency and format.