Supporting Messaging Clients

Monitoring Performance

You can monitor message processing and connections for SMTP to troubleshoot problems or just to maintain your system. Use SMTP Server as your Performance object and then select the specific components you would like to track. The Windows 2000 documentation provides complete information for using Performance. A small sampling of typical counter information specific to SMTP is listed below.

Counter Description
Local Queue Length The number of messages in the local queue. A normal reading is 0. If the reading is greater than 0, the server is receiving more messages than it can process. If the number steadily increases, determine what is causing the delay in processing.
Avg Retries, msg Delivered The average number of retries per local delivery. If this number is high, it could indicate a message flow problem within your intranet.
Inbound Connections Current The number of connections currently inbound. A reading of 0 for an extended time can indicate network problems.