Managing Exchange Servers

Managing Exchange Servers

You administer Exchange 2000 Server using MMC snap-ins System Manager and Computer Management. You can use additional MMC snap-ins for specific objects.

System Manager provides the following:

Computer Management is a Windows 2000 administrative tool that includes an Exchange server container in its Services and Applications container. You can manage only Exchange server objects with Computer Management.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use System Manager with Exchange 4.0 or 5.x servers?

Yes. Computers running Exchange 2000 Server can coexist with computers running Exchange 5.x. This is known as a mixed-mode organization. Exchange 5.x servers appear as read-only objects in System Manager.

Can I use System Manager on multiple servers?

System Manager can manage all Exchange servers in a Windows 2000 forest.

Do I need to install System Manager on a server to manage that server?

No. System Manager is a separately installed component that you install only on the computer that you use to manage your Exchange organization.

Can I direct System Manager to specific domain controllers?

By default, System Manager binds to the nearest domain controller. You can override this by creating a new MMC console and adding the System Manager snap-in to it. You are then prompted to specify a new domain controller.