Novell GroupWise Connector

Use the information in this section to identify and solve problems with the GroupWise connector. One of your first steps may be to enable the Archive directory, which is useful for tracking messages.

What problem are you having?

Display names of GroupWise users appear backwards in the global address list (GAL).


In Exchange Server, user names are displayed by default in the GAL by first name, then last name. In GroupWise, user names appear in the address book by last name, then first name. You may want to change the way the GroupWise users appear in the GAL to match the way they appear in the GroupWise system.


Modify the Mapgwise.tbl file, which is located in the Conndata\DxaGwise directory.

Rich-Text Format (RTF) information that is used in the message body or subject line is converted into plain text.


The application programming interface (API) gateway does not recognize RTF information and converts all characters to plain text format.


Microsoft Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise is dependent on the API gateway for interoperability between Exchange Server and GroupWise. Any limitation of the API gateway directly affects the fidelity of messages traversing the GroupWise connector. Note that this applies to all versions of the GroupWise connector.

Mail sent from GroupWise users never reaches Exchange users, but NDRs are not sent back to the originating user to indicate that there is a problem.


The API Gateway may be incorrectly configured to supply a GroupWise-type address for all mail, whereas the Connector for Novell GroupWise only supports the component-type address.


For GroupWise 5.x systems, on the Required Parameters tab on the API gateway object, set Addressing Format to Component. For GroupWise 4.x systems, on the API Gateway Configuration tab, set Addressing Format to Component.

For more information on troubleshooting the GroupWise connector, search the Microsoft Support Knowledge Base, or use Exchange troubleshooters.