Common Issues

This section explains how to identify and correct problems with Instant Messaging Service. You can use this information when users report problems or when you receive error messages.

The problems that you or your Instant Messaging users encounter typically relate to server and channel access. These questions relate to problems you might be experiencing:

What if I cannot install Instant Messaging?

The reason installation of Instant Messaging fails is that you must have Domain Administrator rights when you install Instant Messaging on the host computer. These rights give you the ability to modify Active Directory or create and modify registry entries.

Important   You may have installed Instant Messaging without Messaging and Collaboration in the Windows 2000 site. The result is an invalid SMTP address, which causes attempts to enable users to fail.

Why can't I enable Windows 2000 users for Instant Messaging?

The following conditions can contribute to problems when enabling Windows 2000 users:

My Instant Messaging clients are unable to log on successfully. What's wrong?

When Instant Messaging clients fail to log on to their respective home server, several error codes may be logged within the Internet Information Service (IIS) logging directory: