Solve Problems by Component

This section contains troubleshooting information for specific Exchange services and components. It also contains conceptual information to help you understand how the features work on a basic level. Use the following list to find the component with which a problem is occurring. Each link provides information on how you can troubleshoot the component and find solutions to common problems that may occur.

Use the following table to select the component that you are interested in troubleshooting:

Component or Service Types of Problems You Can Resolve
Installation and Setup Error messages are received when you install Exchange 2000.
Connections to Other Messaging Systems Users on other e-mail systems such as Lotus cc:Mail or Novell GroupWise are unable to send message to and receive messages from Exchange users.

Directory synchronization is not working after you install a connector.

Migrating from other Mail Systems Migration Wizard stops while in use.

Replication of mailboxes, messages, and data from other messaging systems, such as Microsoft Mail or Collabra Share, is incomplete.

Supporting Messaging Clients Clients are unable to connect to the computer on which the protocol service is running.

Client protocol services are not starting.

Outlook Web Access Users are unable to connect to their Exchange mailboxes using the Outlook Web Access client.

Outlook Web Access is enabled for everyone and you want to disable it for some users.

Active Directory Connector Active Directory Connector (ADC) is not properly synchronizing directory objects between Active Directory and the Exchange 5.5 directory.
Recipient Settings Foreign e-mail addresses are not generated for Exchange recipients who connect to foreign messaging systems, such as Lotus Notes.
Message Routing Message routing is delayed or incomplete when an unreliable server is defined as the routing group master server.

Messages are not being delivered reliably between servers in your organization.

Backup and Restore Full daily backups of Information Store are taking too much time.
Information Store Information Store is storing more messaging information than necessary.
Public Folders Public folders are not replicating between Exchange organizations.

Users are unable to publish forms in the organizational forms library.

Security and Permissions The user does not have permission to access sensitive information inside an intranet.

Users and administrators do not have permission to control Exchange objects.

Instant Messaging Problems occur when you install Instant Messaging.

You encounter problems when enabling Windows 2000 users to access Instant Messaging.

Instant Messaging users cannot log on successfully.

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