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This section explains how to identify and correct problems that may occur when you control access to sensitive resources and information inside an intranet. Use the following information to learn more about the problems you may encounter and how to resolve them.

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All of my users have access to the public folders in my organization. How do I set permissions to control access to sensitive information within public folders?

By default, all mailbox-enabled users have access to all public folders in the public folder hierarchy. If you have sensitive information in a public folder that you do not want all of your users to be able to access, you must create access permissions for that public folder.
To ensure that only a specific group of users have access to a public folder, you must set permissions to control access to messages.

Tip  If you want to create more flexible and granular permissions for a public folder, you can set advanced permissions for that public folder object. When you look at an object's advanced permissions, the Active Directory permissions are listed first, and then the Exchange extended permissions.

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