NNTP Issues

This section explains how to identify and correct problems that can occur with NNTP Service and NNTP virtual servers. You can use the procedures in this section when users report problems or when you receive error messages.

What problem are you having?

NNTP Service fails to start.

NNTP Service writes a message to the system log in Event Viewer every time the service starts and stops, an operator command is processed, or an error is detected.
Check Event Viewer for error messages. Use the error message description to determine why the service failed to start and the best course of action to resolve the problem.

The client cannot establish a network connection to the computer on which the service is running.

Use Telnet to determine whether the problem is with the client or the service.
First, use the Ping command to verify network connectivity with NNTP Service. If your network routers block Ping messages, use Telnet to verify connectivity. If you confirm connectivity and can run the List command successfully using Telnet, the problem is probably with the client.

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