Topic Last Modified: 2007-02-20

The Microsoft Exchange Server Analyzer Tool queries the Active Directory directory service to determine the value of the serialNumber attribute for all Exchange Server objects in the directory. The serialNumber attribute is a string value that includes both the version of Exchange Server and if installed, the version of the service pack. For example, on an Exchange Server 2007 computer that has no Service Pack installed, the serialNumber attribute is equal to Version 8.0 (Build 0685).

If the Exchange Server Analyzer finds the value for the serialNumber attribute contains 8.0 in its string, but contains a build number that is less than 0685 in the string, an error is displayed.

This error indicates that the Exchange Server 2007 computer is running a prerelease version of Exchange Server 2007.

Prerelease installations of Exchange Server 2007 are not supported for production environments.

To address this error, install a production version of Exchange Server 2007.