Topic Last Modified: 2007-01-23

The Microsoft® Exchange Database Troubleshooter Tool detected one or more MSExchangeIS 9519 events with error code 0xfffffbda in the Application log. The event indicates that a non-English default system locale was installed. After Exchange Server was installed, the default system locale was uninstalled.


If the event MSExchangeIS 9519 with error code 0xfffffbda triggers on restarting the Exchange server, the Exchange databases will not mount. In addition, error events ESE 604 and MSExchangeIS 9519 are logged in the Application event log.

This behavior may occur if you previously had a non-English locale set as the default system locale. If you chose another locale as the default system locale, removed the non-English locale, and then restarted the Exchange 2000 Server or Exchange Server 2003, you experienced this event.

The event can also be identified as -1062, JET_errInvalidLanguageId. The event applies to the following versions of Exchange server:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

  • Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server

User Action

To resolve the issue, reinstall the non-English locale or create new databases. If you reinstall the non-English locale, it does not have to be set as the default system locale.