Topic Last Modified: 2007-01-03

The Microsoft® Exchange Server Analyzer Tool queries the Active Directory® directory service to determine whether the msExchHomePublicMDB attribute for each mailbox store contains the local Exchange Server. By default, the public folder store for a mailbox store is on the local Exchange Server. If the msExchHomePublicMDB attribute does not contain the local Exchange Server, the mailbox store has a remote default public folder store. If the Exchange Server Analyzer finds that a mailbox store has a remote default public folder store, the Exchange Server Analyzer displays a non-default configuration message.

To change the default public folder store
  1. In Exchange System Manager, expand Servers, expand <your Exchange server>, expand <storage group>, right-click the mailbox store, and then select Properties.

  2. On the General tab, under Default public store, click Browse to select a public folder store.

For more information about mailbox stores and public folder stores, see "Managing Mailbox Stores and Public Folder Stores" in the Exchange Server 2003 Administration Guide (