Topic Last Modified: 2005-11-18

The Microsoft® Exchange Server Analyzer Tool queries the Active Directory® directory service to determine the value of the msExchAddressListServiceLink attribute for each Recipient Update Service object in the directory. The msExchAddressListServiceLink attribute is a link from the address list service to an Exchange Server computer that is running the Recipient Update Service (RUS). The Exchange Server Analyzer displays an error if the following conditions are true:

The Recipient Update Service is a component in the Exchange System Attendant service. The Recipient Update Service creates and maintains Exchange-specific attribute values in Active Directory. If you create a mailbox for a user, the Recipient Update Service is responsible for the automatic generation of their Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) address and any other proxy addresses that you have defined in your recipient policies.

When an Exchange Server that is configured to use the Recipient Update Service is also configured as a front-end server, newly created user objects are not processed by the Recipient Update Service. The result is that user objects may not receive e-mail addresses and the recipients are not displayed in the address list). Also, updates to the offline address book are not processed.

If you receive this message, the Recipient Update Service is running on an Exchange Server configured as a front-end server.

To correct this error
  1. Open Exchange System Manager.

  2. Under Recipients, click Recipient Update Services. In the right pane, right-click the appropriate instance of the Recipient Update Service, and then click Properties.

  3. On the General tab, under Exchange Server, click Browse, and then specify a new server to run this RUS instance.

  4. Click OK, and then click OK again for the change to take effect.

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