Topic Last Modified: 2009-04-27

Use the Accepted Domains tab on the Hub Transport node to view and maintain the settings for accepted domains for your configuration.

An accepted domain is any SMTP namespace where this Exchange organization sends and receives e-mail on behalf of recipients. Authoritative domains are accepted domains where the recipients' mailboxes are in this Exchange organization. Relay domains are accepted domains where the recipients' mailboxes aren't in this Exchange organization and the mail has to be relayed to an external e-mail server or Exchange organization for delivery to the recipient.

The following specific actions are available when you select an accepted domain:

Set As Default

To specify an accepted domain as the default accepted domain, click Set As Default.


To remove an accepted domain, click Remove.

You can't remove the default accepted domain. To remove the default accepted domain, you must first set another accepted domain as default.

To view a domain's properties, select an accepted domain from the list of accepted domains, and then click Properties. For more information about configuring the properties of an accepted domain, see Configure Accepted Domain Properties.