Topic Last Modified: 2009-08-20

A Unified Messaging (UM) hunt group provides the communication link between UM IP gateways and UM dial plans. When you create a new UM hunt group, you enable Unified Messaging servers in the specified UM dial plan to communicate with a UM IP gateway. When you create a new UM hunt group, you must specify the UM dial plan and the pilot identifier or pilot number that will be used with the new UM hunt group.

After a Unified Messaging (UM) hunt group is created, no changes or modifications can be made to the object. Therefore no settings can be configured for the UM hunt group. If the UM hunt group object was misconfigured, you must remove or delete the hunt group and re-create a new UM hunt group with the appropriate and correct settings.

A default UM hunt group will be created every time that you create a UM IP gateway and associate the UM IP gateway with a UM dial plan. Multiple UM hunt groups can be associated with a single UM IP gateway.

Click this button to remove or delete the existing UM hunt group. You can't make any configuration changes after the UM hunt group is created.

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