Topic Last Modified: 2011-03-19

Use the Federation Trust tab to create and manage a federation trust between Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and the Microsoft Federation Gateway. You must create a federation trust with the Microsoft Federation Gateway as a prerequisite for configuring federated delegation for your Exchange 2010 organization. Federated delegation allows sharing of calendar availability (free/busy) and contact information with recipients in other external federated Exchange organizations. To learn more, see Understanding Federation.

To focus on a set of items in the result pane that have specific attributes, you can use a variety of expressions to filter the list. For more information about filters, see Filter the Result Pane.

Manage Federation

Use the Manage Federation wizard to configure a federation trust and federated organization identifier. The federated organization identifier specifies the accepted domains in an Exchange organization that are available for federation. Only recipients that have e-mail addresses with domains configured with the federated organization identifier can participate in federated delegation. The first domain specified with the organization identifier is called the account namespace. Additional domains can subsequently be added to the organization identifier.

For more information, see Manage Federation.

Remove Federation Trust

Click Remove Federation Trust to remove the federation trust.

Removing the federation trust disables federation and features that depend on it such as federated delegation, for the entire Exchange organization.

For more information, see Remove a Federation Trust.