Topic Last Modified: 2009-08-26

An offline address book (OAB) distribution point is a virtual directory to which Office Outlook 2007 or later users can connect to download the OAB. The OAB distribution points are hosted by servers running Internet Information Services (IIS) as virtual directories. Each distribution point can have two URLs associated with it—one for internal access and one for external access.

OAB Web distribution is supported only by Outlook 2007 or later clients. To support Outlook 2003 and earlier clients, set your OAB distribution point to download the OAB to a public folder.

When you select an OAB distribution point in the work pane, the following options are available by right-clicking the name or by the action pane.


Click Properties to view and modify the settings for the selected OAB distribution point.

For more information, see Configure Offline Address Book Distribution Properties.

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