Topic Last Modified: 2011-03-19

Retention tags are used to apply retention settings to folders and individual items such as messages, notes, and contacts. These settings specify how long a message remains in the mailbox and the action to take when the message reaches the specified retention age. When a message reaches its retention age, it's moved to the user's archive mailbox or deleted.

To apply retention tags to a mailbox, you must add the tags to a retention policy, and then apply the policy to the mailbox.

To focus on a set of items in the result pane that have specific attributes, you can use a variety of expressions to filter the list. For more information about filters, see Filter the Result Pane.

When you select a retention tag, the following actions are available either by right-clicking the tag name or by using the action pane.


To remove a retention tag, select the tag, and then click Remove.


To view the properties of a retention tag, select the retention tag, and then click Properties.

For information about configuring the properties of a retention tag, see Configure Retention Tag Properties.