Topic Last Modified: 2010-09-01

The Outlook Web App Mailbox Policies tab in the work pane lists the default Outlook Web App mailbox policy and any custom mailbox policies that were created. You can use Outlook Web App mailbox policies to control availability of features and access to attached files on a per-mailbox basis.

When you select a mailbox policy, the following actions are available, either by right-clicking the mailbox policy name or using the action pane.


Click Remove to delete the selected mailbox policy.


Click Properties to view and edit the properties of the selected mailbox policy.

Using Outlook Web App Mailbox Policies

After you've created a mailbox policy, you can apply it to one or more mailboxes by selecting them and then right-clicking to view their properties. Click the Mailbox Features tab, then Outlook Web App. Then click Properties at the top of the window to select an Outlook Web App mailbox policy.

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