Topic Last Modified: 2009-08-18

The Journaling agent is a compliance-focused agent that you can configure to journal e-mail messages that are sent or received by departments or individuals in your Exchange organization, to and from recipients outside your organization, or both.

In Exchange 2010, the Journaling agent is a built-in agent. Built-in agents aren't visible in the Transport Agents tab, and they're not included in the list of agents returned by the Get-TransportAgent cmdlet. For more details, see Understanding Transport Agents.

A journal rule defines how widely the Journaling agent looks for messages to journal. You can take the following actions on a selected journal rule.

Disable Rule

To temporarily disable a selected journal rule, select Disable Rule. Disabled journal rules aren't applied.


To permanently remove a journal rule, select Remove.


To modify journal rule properties such as rule name, scope, journaled recipients, and journaling mailbox, select Properties.

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