Applies to: Exchange Server 2010 SP3, Exchange Server 2010 SP2

Topic Last Modified: 2011-03-19

You can suspend a restore request any time after the request was created but before the request reaches the status of Completed. You can resume the restore request using the Resume-MailboxRestoreRequest cmdlet.

Looking for other management tasks related to restore requests or disconnected mailboxes? Check out Managing Disconnected Mailboxes.

Use the Shell to suspend a restore request

You need to be assigned permissions before you can perform this procedure. To see what permissions you need, see the "Disconnected mailboxes" entry in the Mailbox Permissions topic.

You can't use the EMC to suspend a restore request.

This example suspends the restore request MailboxRestore1 for Ayla's mailbox.

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Suspend-MailboxRestoreRequest -Identity Ayla\MailboxRestore1

This example suspends all restore requests in progress by first retrieving all requests that have a status of InProgress, and then pipelining output to the Suspend-MailboxRestoreRequest cmdlet and including the suspend comment "Resume after 10:00 PM."

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Get-MailboxRestoreRequest -Status InProgress | Suspend-MailboxRestoreRequest -SuspendComment "Resume after 10 PM"

For detailed syntax and parameter information, see Suspend-MailboxRestoreRequest and Get-MailboxRestoreRequest.

Other Tasks

After you suspend a restore request, you may also want to resume the request. For details, see Resume a Restore Request.