Applies to: Exchange Server 2013

Topic Last Modified: 2012-08-21

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 includes many management roles by default. The following roles are assigned to management role groups or management role assignment policies in various combinations that grant permissions to manage and use the features provided by Exchange 2013. For more information about roles, see Understanding Management Roles.

Active Directory Permissions Role

Address Lists Role

ApplicationImpersonation Role

ArchiveApplication Role

Audit Logs Role

Cmdlet Extension Agents Role

Data Loss Prevention Role

Database Availability Groups Role

Database Copies Role

Databases Role

Disaster Recovery Role

Distribution Groups Role

Edge Subscriptions Role

E-Mail Address Policies Role

Exchange Connectors Role

Exchange Server Certificates Role

Exchange Servers Role

Exchange Virtual Directories Role

Federated Sharing Role

Information Rights Management Role

Journaling Role

Legal Hold Role

LegalHoldApplication Role

Mail Enabled Public Folders Role

Mail Recipient Creation Role

Mail Recipients Role

Mail Tips Role

Mailbox Import Export Role

Mailbox Search Role

MailboxSearchApplication Role

Message Tracking Role

Migration Role

Monitoring Role

Move Mailboxes Role

My Custom Apps Role

My Marketplace Apps Role

MyAddressInformation Role

MyBaseOptions Role

MyContactInformation Role

MyDiagnostics Role

MyDisplayName Role

MyDistributionGroupMembership Role

MyDistributionGroups Role

MyMobileInformation Role

MyName Role

MyPersonalInformation Role

MyProfileInformation Role

MyRetentionPolicies Role

MyTeamMailboxes Role

MyTextMessaging Role

MyVoiceMail Role

OfficeExtensionApplication Role

Org Custom Apps Role

Org Marketplace Apps Role

Organization Client Access Role

Organization Configuration Role

Organization Transport Settings Role

POP3 and IMAP4 Protocols Role

Public Folders Role

Receive Connectors Role

Recipient Policies Role

Remote and Accepted Domains Role

Reset Password Role

Retention Management Rolet

Role Management Role

Security Group Creation and Membership Role

Send Connectors Role

Support Diagnostics Role

Team Mailboxes Role

TeamMailboxLifecycleApplication Role

Transport Agents Role

Transport Hygiene Role

Transport Queues Role

Transport Rules Role

UM Mailboxes Role

UM Prompts Role

Unified Messaging Role

Unscoped Role Management Role

User Options Role

UserApplication Role

View-Only Audit Logs Role

View-Only Configuration Role

View-Only Recipients Role