Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3, Exchange Server 2007 SP2, Exchange Server 2007 SP1
Topic Last Modified: 2006-09-22

Use the New Edge Subscription page in the New Edge Subscription wizard to import an Edge Subscription file to subscribe the Edge Transport server to an Active Directory site. The Edge Transport servers are then associated with the Hub Transport servers in that site. This association is used to configure the Send connectors that enable mail flow to and from the Internet.

Active Directory site

This field identifies the Active Directory site where the Hub Transport server is connecting to the Edge Transport server for which the Edge Subscription exists.

Subscription file

Use this field to select the Edge Subscription file for the Edge Transport server.

You must first create the Edge Subscription file by running the New-EdgeSubscription cmdlet on the Edge Transport server. By running the New-EdgeSubscription cmdlet, you create an Edge Subscription file that you must copy to your Hub Transport server's hard disk.
Automatically create a Send connector for this Edge Subscription

Select this check box to automatically create a Send connector that routes messages from the Exchange organization to the Internet. The Edge Subscription will be configured as the source server for the Send connector. The Send connector will be configured to route messages to all domains by using Domain Name System (DNS) MX resource records.


Click New to create the new Edge Subscription.

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