Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3, Exchange Server 2007 SP2, Exchange Server 2007 SP1
Topic Last Modified: 2006-11-30

Use the Mailbox node under Organization Configuration to configure the mailbox settings that apply to your entire Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 organization. Each tab that appears in the result pane represents a Mailbox feature that applies to the Exchange organization.

To modify how organization configuration objects are displayed in Microsoft Management Console (MMC), click View in the action pane. For more information about view options, see Organization Configuration.

When you select the Mailbox node under Organization Configuration, the following Mailbox-specific actions are available either by right-clicking Mailbox or by using the action pane.

With the exception of the Managed Default Folders tab, each of the following actions correlates directly with the tabs that are available in the result pane. For information about managed default folders, see Deploying Messaging Records Management.
New Address List
  • Click New Address List to create a new address list.

  • Address lists display a subset of recipients in an organization based on properties of the recipient. The most common address list is the global address list (GAL).

  • You can create additional address lists based on recipient properties so that client applications (such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access) can easily locate recipients.

  • For more information about address lists, see Managing Address Lists.

New Managed Custom Folder
  • Click New Managed Custom Folder to create messaging records management (MRM) managed custom folders with settings that control their content.

  • MRM makes it easier for you to retain the messages that are needed to comply with company policy, government regulations, or legal needs. MRM also helps you easily remove messages that have no legal or business value.

  • For more information about MRM, see Managing Messaging Records Management.

New Managed Folder Mailbox Policy
  • Click New Managed Folder Mailbox Policy to create a new MRM managed folder mailbox policy and to specify which managed folders should be associated with the policy.

  • Managed folder mailbox policies help you to group managed folders and deploy the group of managed folders to users.

  • For more information about managed folder mailbox policies, see Deploying Messaging Records Management.

New Offline Address Book
  • Click New Offline Address Book to create a new offline address book (OAB). The OAB allows e-mail clients to view address lists when they are not connected to an Exchange server.

  • For more information about the OAB, see Managing Offline Address Books.

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