Applies to: Exchange Server 2007
Topic Last Modified: 2007-06-15

Use the General tab to view or modify the display name, alias, and custom attributes for the distribution group.

Display Name

Use the text box at the top of the page to view or change the display name for the distribution group.

Organizational unit

This field displays the organizational unit (OU) that contains the distribution group.


This field displays the last date and time a configuration change was made to the distribution group.

Configuration changes made through any other method, such as the Exchange Management Shell or Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) Edit, will also update this field.

Use this text box to view or change the alias of the distribution group. The alias cannot exceed 64 characters and must be unique in the forest.

Custom Attributes

Click Custom Attributes to open the Custom Attributes dialog box. You can specify up to 15 custom attributes for the distribution group.

To specify the custom attribute value, use the corresponding text box for each custom attribute, and then click OK.

For more information about the Custom Attributes dialog box, see Recipient Properties > General Tab > Custom Attributes (RTM).

For More Information

For more information about managing distribution groups, see Managing Distribution Groups.