Applies to: Exchange Server 2007
Topic Last Modified: 2007-06-14

Use the Add Exchange Administrator page to add a new Exchange administrator role. A Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 administrator role is a predefined security group that provides specific permissions to allow role members to manage Exchange configuration data. Exchange 2007 provides the following four administrator roles: Exchange Recipient Administrators, Exchange Organization Administrators, Exchange Server Administrators, and Exchange View-Only Administrators.

You can also use the Exchange Management shell to add an administrator role. For more information, see Add-ExchangeAdministrator (RTM).
Select the user or group to add as an Exchange administrator

Click Browse and select the user or group to which you want to apply the administrator role.

Select the role and scope of this Exchange administrator

Select one of the following options:

  • Exchange Organization Administrator role   Members of this administrator role have full access to all Exchange properties and objects in the Exchange organization.

  • Exchange Recipient Administrator role   Members of this administrator role have permissions to modify any Exchange property on an Active Directory directory service user, contact, group, dynamic distribution group, or public folder object.

  • Exchange View-Only Administrator Role   Members of this administrator role have read-only access to the entire Exchange organization tree in the Active Directory configuration container, and read-only access to all Microsoft Windows domain containers that have Exchange recipients.

  • Exchange Server Administrator Role   Members of this administrator role have access to only local server Exchange configuration data, either in Active Directory or on the physical computer on which Active Directory is installed. If you select this role, the Select the server(s) to which this role has access box is enabled. Click Add to select a server from the list of available servers in your Exchange organization. Click Remove to delete the selected server from the list.

For More Information

For more information about Exchange 2007 administrator roles, see Permission Considerations.