Topic Last Modified: 2009-04-24

This topic describes how to resolve an issue that occurs when you try to mail-enable users in a multiple-domain environment.

When you try to use the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Management Console to mail-enable users in a child domain, you cannot locate the appropriate users.


By default, the scope for the Recipient Configuration object is that of the parent domain in which Exchange 2007 is installed. To mail-enable users who reside in other domains, you must modify the recipient scope.

To modify the recipient scope
  1. Start the Exchange 2007 Management Console. 

  2. Expand Recipient Configuration.

  3. Right-click the Recipient Configuration object, and then click Modify Recipient Scope.

  4. Click to select the Recipient Domain Controller check box, click Browse to locate a domain controller in the appropriate child domain, and then click OK.

  5. Click OK.

For More Information

For more information, see How to Create a New Mail-Enabled User.