Applies to: Exchange Server 2007
Topic Last Modified: 2007-06-15

Use the New Mail User wizard to create a new mail user in your Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 organization. Mail users are mail-enabled Active Directory directory service users that can receive e-mail messages at external e-mail addresses. Mail users do not have Exchange mailboxes.

You can also use the Exchange Management Shell to create a mail user. For more information, see New-MailUser (RTM).

Mail users are similar to mail contacts. Both have external e-mail addresses and both contain information about people outside the Exchange organization that can be displayed in the global address list (GAL) and other address lists. However, unlike a mail contact, a mail user has Active Directory logon credentials and can access resources.

For example, you may want to create mail users for short-term consultants who require access to your server infrastructure, but will use their own external e-mail addresses.

Use the Introduction page to select the type of user account for the new mail user.

New User
  • This button is selected by default. Click this button to create a new user account for the mail user. This allows you to provision the user account and mail-enable it in a single operation.

  • If you click this button, you will need to provide the required user account information on the User Information page of this wizard.

Existing User
  • Click this button to mail-enable an existing user account. When you click this button, the Browse button is enabled.

  • Click Browse to open the Select User dialog box. This dialog box displays a list of user accounts in the forest that are not mail-enabled or do not have Exchange mailboxes. Select the user account you want, and then click OK to return to the wizard.

For More Information

For more information about creating a mail-enabled user, see How to Create a New Mail-Enabled User.

To learn more about mail users, see Understanding Recipients.