Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3, Exchange Server 2007 SP2, Exchange Server 2007 SP1
Topic Last Modified: 2007-08-21

Use the Public Folder Referral tab of the public folder database properties to configure the folder replica that will be accessed by the client application. You can use Active Directory sites, or you can configure a custom site. If you click Use Active Directory site costs, the list of custom referrals is made unavailable and Exchange will use the Active Directory site cost calculation by default.

If you are experiencing public folder access performance issues, you may want to set custom public folder referrals.

To disable referrals, click Use custom list and leave the custom referral cost box empty. If you do not add any servers to this box, Exchange cannot compute referral costs and as a result, referrals are disabled.
Use Active Directory site costs

Click this button to specify that Exchange uses the cost data from the Active Directory site to compute the connection cost for public folder referrals. This is the default option.

If the custom list contains public folder referrals, and you click Use Active Directory site costs, the list is unavailable and is cleared when this tab is refreshed.
Use custom list

Click this button to create a custom list of public folder referrals and the associated costs.

When you click Use custom list, the following features are made available:

If you click Use Active Directory site costs, these features are unavailable.
  • Add   Click this button to open the Server Referral Cost dialog box. Use this dialog box to add a public folder referral server to the custom list. For more information about this dialog box, see Public Folder Database Properties > Public Folder Referral Tab > Server Referral Cost.

  • Edit   Select a server from the list, and then click this button to edit a public folder referral. This button is disabled if no servers are listed in the custom list.

  • Remove icon   Click this button to remove a public folder referral from the custom list. This button is disabled if no servers are listed in the custom list.

  • Name   This field displays the name of the server on which the referral is set.

  • Cost   This field displays the cost that has been set for the server.

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