Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3, Exchange Server 2007 SP2, Exchange Server 2007 SP1
Topic Last Modified: 2007-11-08

By using Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1), you can achieve part of your organization's e-mail compliance strategy by protecting information through persistent usage policies. Persistent usage policies remain with the information regardless of where it goes. You can use AD RMS to help prevent sensitive information, such as financial reports, product specifications, customer data, and confidential messages, from intentionally or accidentally being misused.

AD RMS runs as an installable component on Windows Server 2003 or as an integrated component, called Active Directory Rights Management Services, on Windows Server 2008 – X64.

Exchange 2007 SP1 contains a new agent that uses AD RMS to enforce confidentiality of information that is accessed by Exchange Server and Microsoft Office Outlook clients. The AD RMS Prelicensing agent lets Outlook users open Information Rights Management (IRM)-protected e-mail offline more conveniently, and open e-mail through mobile access without frequent credential prompts. The AD RMS Prelicensing agent also enables access to e-mail without frequent credential prompts when users are using Outlook Web Access or Outlook Anywhere.

The AD RMS Prelicensing agent is included in Exchange 2007 SP1. You must be running Exchange 2007 SP1 on all Hub Transport servers in your organization to enable the AD RMS functionality in Exchange 2007.

Using the AD RMS Prelicensing Agent

To use the AD RMS Prelicensing agent, you, as the Exchange administrator, must coordinate with the AD RMS administrator in your organization.

The AD RMS administrator must:

  • Upgrade the AD RMS server or AD RMS cluster to RMS Server 1.0 SP2 or to Active Directory Rights Management Services on Windows Server 2008 – X64.

The Exchange administrator must follow these steps:

  • Upgrade to RMS Server 1.0 SP2 or to Active Directory Rights Management Services on Windows Server 2008 – X64, or install the Windows RMS Client 1.0 SP2 or Active Directory Rights Management Services client on Windows Server 2008 – X64 on the computer that has the Hub Transport server role installed.

    Active Directory Rights Management Services client is installed by default on Windows Server 2008 - X64.
  • Verify that the AD RMS Prelicensing agent is enabled.

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