Topic Last Modified: 2009-04-09

This topic provides information about how to troubleshoot an issue in which the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service does not start in Exchange Server 2007. When you try to start the Exchange Information Store, you receive the following error message:

Windows could not start the Microsoft Exchange Information Store on Local Computer. For more information, review the System Event Log. If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error code 0.

When this error occurs, events that resemble the following may be recorded in the Application log in Event Viewer:


Event ID 1121

Event Type: Error

Event Source: MSExchangeIS

Event Category: General

Description: Error 0x8004010f connecting to the Microsoft Active Directory.


Event ID 5000

Event Type: Error

Event Source: MSExchangeIS

Event Category: General

Description: Unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service. - Error 0x8004010f.

This issue may occur if the Default Policy was deleted from the E-mail Address Policies tab and if it was replaced by a custom e-mail address policy. By default, Exchange 2007 is hard-coded to look for the default recipient policy when the Information Store starts.


To resolve this issue, use Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) Edit to change the value of the msExchPolicyOrder attribute to 2147483647 for a custom e-mail address policy.

Before You Begin

To perform this procedure, the account that you use must be delegated the following:

  • Membership in the local Administrators group.

For more information about permissions, delegating roles, and the rights that are required to administer Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, see Permission Considerations.

ADSI Edit can be run from a client computer or a server. The computer does not have to be a member of a domain, but the user must have the rights to view and edit the Active Directory directory service domain to which the user is connecting. For more information about how to use ADSI Edit, see Adsiedit Overview.

If you use ADSI Edit or any other Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) version 3 client, and you incorrectly change the attributes of Active Directory objects, serious problems may occur. These problems may require you to reinstall Windows Server 2003, Exchange 2007, or both Windows Server 2003 and Exchange 2007. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems that occur if you incorrectly change Active Directory object attributes can be resolved. Change these attributes at your own risk.


To change one of your custom e-mail address policies to a default policy

  1. Install ADSI Edit if it is not already installed on the computer that is running Exchange 2007.

  2. Start ADSI Edit. To do this, click Start, click Run, type adsiedit.msc in the text box, and then click OK.

  3. Expand the following container:

    CN= Recipient Policies\CN=<Organization>\CN= Microsoft Exchange\CN= Services\CN= Configuration\DC=<Domain Name>\DC=com

  4. Right-click the e-mail address policy that you want to change to the default policy, and then click Properties.

  5. In the Attribute column, locate the purportedSearch attribute, and then verify that the value in the Value column is (mailNickname=*). If the value is incorrect, follow these steps:

    1. Click purportedSearch, and then click Edit.

    2. Click Clear, type (mailNickname=*) in the Value box, and then click OK.

  6. In the Attribute list, click the msExchPolicyOrder attribute, and then click Edit.

  7. Click Clear, type 2147483647 in the Value box, and then click OK.

  8. Click OK, and then close ADSI Edit.

  9. Restart the Exchange Mailbox server.