Topic Last Modified: 2008-02-06

Users may receive the following error when they use the global address list (GAL) in Outlook Web Access:

Access is Denied

Outlook Web Access was unable to access the Active Directory resource. This may be because the Active Directory object does not exist or the object has become corrupted, or because you do not have sufficient access rights for the object.


You can create multiple GALs in Microsoft Exchange (Exchange 2000 Server and later versions) and control access to the GALs by using permissions on them. This lets you specify which GAL is available to users who use Microsoft Office Outlook.

Outlook Web Access uses a different model for determining which GAL to display to users than Outlook does. Outlook Web Access will always return the first GAL that is listed in the globalAddressList attribute for the user. If the user does not have permission to access that GAL, they will receive an error message that tells them that access is denied.


To give Outlook Web Access users access to something other than the first GAL that is available, create custom address lists. Use the querybaseDN parameter of each user's account to specify which address lists they should have access to.

For More Information

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