Topic Last Modified: 2006-10-06

The articles in this section correspond to the rules and resulting messages that are generated by the following Microsoft® Exchange Analyzers:

The Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant provides access to the following functionalities:

Each article describes a single error, warning, or non-default configuration message that could be detected by the Exchange Server Analyzer.

The Microsoft Exchange Analyzers Web page at contains downloads for the current versions of Exchange Best Practice Analyzer and Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant. In addition, the page contains information about system requirements, and a link to a newsgroup for discussion about the analyzers.

If you are running in an environment where you cannot use the automatic updating facility for Exchange Best Practices, you can access the Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Analyzer Web Update Pack Web page at Here you will be able to download the most recent configuration and Help files.

If updates are being applied automatically, you do not have to use this download.