Properties and configuration settings which apply to the group chat server to which the GroupChatEndpoint has connected.

The GroupChatServerConfigurationtype exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property DatabaseVersion Gets the database version of the Group Chat Server.
Public property MessageSizeLimit Gets the message size limit, which is the maximum size in bytes that is permitted for any group chat message.
Public property RootCategoryUri Gets the Root Category URI. The Root Category is the single ChatRoomCategory which has no parent category, and from which all other chat rooms and chat room categories are inherited. Use this category as a starting point to explore the entire hierarchy of chat rooms and chat room categories.
Public property SearchLimit Gets the search result limit which is applied to all user queries.
Public property ServerTimeUtc Gets the server time in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Use this value to compute time zone offsets between the server and the client for determining any shift in message timestamps that may exist due to small differences in the system clocks.
Public property StorySizeLimit Gets the story size limit, which is the maximum size in bytes that is permitted for a group chat story message.


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