The ChatRoomtype exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property AddIn Gets the add-in for this chat room. An add-in is a web page that can be embedded in a chat room, displayed in a panel below the chat area of the Group Chat Client. The add-in is displayed in the group chat client in a panel beneath the chat area. The chat room interacts with the add-in, sending it notification of inbound and outbound messages. The add-in also has access to metadata about the chat room and the messages which are posted to it. An add-in must be registered with the system before it can be used on a chat room. See BeginRegisterAddIn(GroupChatAddInSettings, AsyncCallback, Object) for more information on registering add-ins.
Public property AllowFileUpload Gets the default behavior of this chat room for allowing file uploads. File upload privileges may be restricted on a chat room, category, user, or user group level.
Public property ChangeHistory Gets the change history of this chat room.
Public property ChatRoomUri Gets the URI of the chat room. The URI provides a unique key for identifying a chat room. The URI is generated by the Group Chat Server when the chat room is created, and is never changed.
Public property CreateNewMemberList Gets a value indicating whether this chat room overrides the membership list of its parent category.
Public property Description Gets the description of this chat room. The description is optional, and is used only to provide additional details about the purpose of this chat room.
Public property FileStoreUri Gets the file store URI. The file store URI is address of the web service to which files will be uploaded when posted to this chat room.
Public property IsAuditorium Gets a value indicating whether this chat room is an auditorium-style room. When true , only those users who are on the Presenters list may post messages. Other members of the chat room can read the messages and chat history, but may not participate in the conversation. The default value of this setting is false , which means that any user who is a member of the chat room may participate in the conversation.
Public property IsDisabled Gets a value indicating whether this chat room is disabled. Once created, a chat room cannot be deleted. However, it can be disabled; disabling a chat room prevents users from joining the chat room, or reading the chat history.
Public property LogChatHistory Gets the default behavior of this chat room for logging chat history.
Public property Name Gets the name of the chat room. The chat room name is a short, unique name which identifies the purpose of the room.
Public property ParentCategoryUri Gets the URI of the parent category of this chat room. Chat rooms are organized hierarchically into categories. Each category may contain any number of chat rooms, as well as other sub-categories. Each chat room and category in the system has precisely one parent category. There is a single top-level chat room category, called the root category, which is referenced by the RootCategoryUri . To change the parent category, use BeginChangeParentCategory(ChatRoom, Uri, AsyncCallback, Object) .
Public property SendInvitationsToMembers Gets the default behavior of this chat room for sending invitations to new members. Invitations are issued by the group chat server when a user connects, and subsequently when a new user is added to the member list.
Public property Topic Gets the topic of this chat room. The topic is an optional one-sentence description of the chat room, which is displayed when browsing for chat rooms. The topic is also displayed as part of the chat room title bar in the Group Chat Client.
Public property VisibleOnlyToMembers Gets the default visibility of this chat room. Visibility defines the behavior of searches, in which a user queries the system for chat rooms matching a certain criteria (See BeginBrowseChatRoomsByCriteria(String, Boolean, AsyncCallback, Object) ). Chat rooms which are not visible to a user will not appear in the search results.

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